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‘Broken Doors’ with Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford joins Washington Post Live on Wednesday, Apr. 13 (Video: The Washington Post)

Police deployment of no-knock warrants has increased across the United States. Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, who has pushed for statewide restrictions on these permits, joins Washington Post Live for a conversation with Nicole Dungca, co-creator of the new Washington Post six-part investigative podcast about no-knock warrants entitled “Broken Doors.”

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“If it’s not obvious, I’m a Black man. I’m married to a Black woman, raising three black sons and a Black nephew. And so, when we see instances of Black Americans being wrongly killed at the hands of law enforcement it hits home, it resonates with us. It’s something that gives me great trepidation…It’s something that, again, has us living in, what I call, “perpetual anxiety.” It’s an unfair burden…and it’s one that we continue to carry. But one that I’m confident that we can continue to relieve ourselves of through efforts like this” - Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford (Video: Washington Post Live)
“I did get questions around and I did acknowledge at the outset of my testimony in the legislature as to why I did not seek an outright ban…We don’t know of every circumstance in which a no-knock warrant could exist…What I wanted to do was, instead of banning it outright was to recognize that there may be a one-off circumstance where it was more appropriate...To put grave restrictions around its use to minimize the opportunity for us to have misuse of no-knock warrants."- Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford (Video: Washington Post Live)
“Well, obviously no one can predict what’s going to happen at the federal level…Under the new restrictions, no-knock warrants are limited to situations where an agent has a reasonable ground to believe that not knocking and announcing the agent’s presence created an imminent threat or violence to the agent or to another person...And President Biden himself has also said that he’s limiting other federal agent’s use of the tactic after the killing of Amir Locke in Minnesota this past February. But one of the biggest changes to no-knock warrants nationwide…is in the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act. Which would bar these warrants and federal drug investigations and provide incentives for states to do the same. I’ve been very clear in my support for the bill and I’ve joined a coalition of several other colleagues of mine to urge Congress to take action on this.”- Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford (Video: Washington Post Live)

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford

Nicole Dungca

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