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Tina Brown, Author, “The Palace Papers”

Tina Brown joins Washington Post Live on Tuesday, April 26 (Video: The Washington Post)

“The Palace Papers” reveals how the royal family continues to reinvent itself, even after the shock of Princess Diana’s explosive celebrity and the crisis of “Megxit.” Join Washington Post Live for a conversation with the book’s author Tina Brown, hosted by entrepreneur, producer and author Joanna Coles.

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“I’m not even sure the Brits know how to be British anymore when the Queen dies… I think there’s going to be the most massive and seismic national reaction to her death.” – Tina Brown (Video: Washington Post Live)
“She’d like a profile in America… There’s just no way in the world that Camilla is going to sit down for an ‘ask me anything’ interview in America. She’d rather be disliked.” – Tina Brown (Video: Washington Post Live)
“They both completely underestimated what it was going to be like without the palace platform… The palace… has amazing convening power… every major invitation in the world comes through that conduit.” – Tina Brown (Video: Washington Post Live)
“They wanted to be able to have a commercial arm to their activities… Meghan certainly saw deals that were there to be made that they had to leave on the table because they were royals. – Tina Brown (Video: Washington Post Live)
“What they’re going to do with Andrew, I don’t know because he’s a healthy 61-year-old… with great access to the Queen at all times, which is making the rest of the family extremely nervous.” – Tina Brown (Video: Washington Post Live)
“Meghan gave Harry the tools to leave… She understood the world of agents and deals. I mean this wasn’t Harry’s world, but suddenly he had in Meghan a very worldly strategist who he decided to trust above all the other advisors.” – Tina Brown (Video: Washington Post Live)

Tina Brown

Author, “The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor – the Truth and the Turmoil”