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The Path Forward: Facial Recognition Technology with Hoan Ton-That

Clearview AI CEO Hoan Ton-That joins Washington Post Live on Wednesday, April 27 (Video: The Washington Post)
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Clearview AI is the world’s largest facial recognition network with a database of more than 20 billion facial images. Clearview AI CEO Hoan Ton-That joins with Washington Post tech reporter Drew Harwell to discuss how his company’s software is being used in Ukraine and around the world.

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“There’s no political motivation to Clearview. We have people from every side of the political spectrum on the left, on the right, that work here. There’s no left-wing way or right-wing way to help law enforcement find a pedophile or solve any kind of crimes. Charles Johnson is someone I met in 2016 who made some introductions, but he’s not a co-founder of Clearview. He’s never been an employee, a director or on the board and never had any active involvement in the company.”- Hoan Ton-That (Video: Washington Post Live)
“There are six agencies using it… 410 users have been using the technology. So, they each have an account to login an perform searches. Now it’s up to 14,809 searches. So, each one of these searches is a potential checkpoint, identification of a war criminal…So it’s been very heavily used and very effective in practice. [Ukraine’s] Minister of Internal Affairs talked about how they’ve been able to use Clearview. They’ve opened over, I think 8,000 criminal proceedings in total and Clearview has been used in a lot of checkpoints…We’ve seen a lot of adoption there and they’re very hands-on…it’s really great.”- Hoan Ton-That (Video: Washington Post Live)
“Like many other companies and many other people there’s been an international response to the crisis in Ukraine and everyone’s been trying to help. We were just thinking along the same lines, how do we help the company? How do we provide something that could be useful? And the response has just been way more than we could ever imagine in terms of the success and the ability we’ve had to help them. We’re a very mission driven company. We support law enforcement here in United States and we’ve had our fair share of criticism but ever since we’ve had it, what kept us going as a company…is hearing everyday these success stories from our customers…I think it’s just the natural cycle that happens with any new technology where at first it can be misunderstood.” -Hoan Ton-That (Video: Washington Post Live)

Hoan Ton-That

CEO & Co-Founder, Clearview AI