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117th Congress: Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa)

Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa) joins Washington Post Live on Monday, May 9 (Video: Washington Post Live)

Republicans are hoping to win control of the House in the 2022 midterms, but they’ll need to win most of the competitive races in November. Join Washington Post Live for a conversation with freshman Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa) about the challenges in her 2022 run, the GOP’s prospects in the fall and why she believes President Biden’s economic program has led to the highest inflation in decades.

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“I have supported a heartbeat bill here in Iowa that had exceptions for those very things, but I think ultimately, our states are prepared to make those decisions… I don’t think now is the time to engage in hypotheticals, I think we need to wait for the Supreme Court to make their decision and then our state legislators will do their job which is how our Founding Fathers intended.” – Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa) (Video: Washington Post Live)
“I am confident we will because I can tell you when I hear out on the ground, people ask me at my town halls, ‘How has the Biden presidency gone so bad so quickly?’… It’s inflation, it’s crisis at the southern border, it’s all of these policies that have taken our country in a wrong direction and also made life harder for everyday working families.” – Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa) (Video: Washington Post Live)
“It would be great if Iowa can maintain its first in the nation status for caucuses. It is not only a huge part of history but it’s a huge part of vetting in the presidential politics. These candidates come to Iowa and Iowans ask some pretty tough questions.” – Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa) (Video: Washington Post Live)

Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa)