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‘Capehart’ with Robin Thede

Robin Thede joins Washington Post Live on Tuesday, June 14 (Video: The Washington Post)
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Robin Thede is the creator, showrunner, executive producer, writer and star of HBO’s “A Black Lady Sketch Show.” Thede joins Washington Post associate editor Jonathan Capehart to discuss the third season of the Emmy Award-winning series and her career as a comedy writer and actor.

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“I think this character that Ashley Nicole Black has created…She is a genius writer and a genius performer. And she came in season one with this character and she said, ‘Basically she’s the CIA’s top agent, not only because she’s great at what she does, but because she’s invisible because she’s just a normal looking plus-size Black woman.’ And I think we can’t discount what larger size Black women in this world have to deal with. But also, when you have the trifecta of being not a glamorous movie star, you’re plus size and you’re Black, all of those things render you invisible, to some degree in society.”- Robin Thede (Video: Washington Post Live)
“This is my gift to Black women. It’s for everyone to enjoy, but it is my specific gift for Black women and the Black community. And it’s my invitation to those who are not in our community to come see what we think authentically. We don’t represent every Black person or every Black woman, but we are representing an authentic take. And I think that that’s what makes me so excited because I feel like so many times our comedy is watered down or it has to be explained and HBO said, ‘Don’t explain, just do you.’”- Robin Thede (Video: Washington Post Live)
“I think it’s so critical…In this world, especially with social media, I think we think if you’re not winning Emmys, or you’re not CEO of a company, then your hustle isn’t hard enough…But that’s not true…If you get your very first job, you get an internship, you get whatever, it’s all a step in your success and it’s all to be celebrated…I just find too many women making themselves small and too many women downplaying their accomplishments…The bar of measurement that I always use is think about your six-year-old self. Would she be in awe of where you are? Cause I know mine would be…I challenge people to look at it that way and if your six-year-old would’ve bragged about it, you should too.”- Robin Thede (Video: Washington Post Live)
“It’s critical. Some people only watch the show—they don’t even like comedy—they’re just watching it to get hairstyle suggestions…It’s just really important because, I think in the history in this business, when we get on set, there are not people who look like us, traditionally. They aren’t familiar with our hair textures and how to work with wigs and weaves and extensions and ponytails or even just natural hair and we do all of it.”- Robin Thede (Video: Washington Post Live)

Robin Thede

Creator, Showrunner & Star, “A Black Lady Sketch Show”