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‘The Offer’

With Miles Teller, Matthew Goode & Nikki Toscano

Miles Teller, Matthew Goode & Nikki Toscano join Washington Post Live on Tuesday, June 14 (Video: The Washington Post)

“The Offer” is a Paramount+ series offering a behind-the-scenes look at the experience of making the film, “The Godfather.” Actors Miles Teller, Matthew Goode and showrunner Nikki Toscano join Washington Post Live to discuss the dramatic new show.

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“It was tough. I think once I really realized how many balls he constantly had to keep in the air, I think he was a master at dealing with so many different types of personalities and that's why he really made for the perfect person to produce "The Godfather."- Miles Teller (Video: Washington Post Live)
“He's sort of almost became a slight caricature of himself, but we have to remember he was a real tastemaker...I think one of the great things about Bob...he was very much a team player."- Matthew Goode (Video: Washington Post Live)

Miles Teller

Actor & Executive Producer, “The Offer”

Matthew Goode

Actor, “The Offer”

Nikki Toscano

Showrunner & Executive Producer, “The Offer”

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