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Entrepreneurs on the path from uncertainty to reinvention

Minnie Luong, Brit Morin & Shiza Shahid join Washington Post Live on Wednesday, July 13. (Video: The Washington Post)
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Small businesses are a powerful engine for economic growth and job creation. Record high inflation, supply chain disruptions and the challenges of an evolving pandemic have forced many entrepreneurs to rethink their business models and how their employees work. Join Washington Post Live for conversations with three entrepreneurs about how they have reinvented their businesses in the face of economic uncertainty.

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“The reality is actually in a recession or in a down market, it’s sometimes the best time to build because those are when some of the biggest companies get created, and I really wanted women in particular to take advantage of that opportunity and not just have to sit on the sidelines being furloughed or laid-off or stuck at home caring for their kids.” – Brit Morin (Video: Washington Post Live)
“What’s happened with the crypto industry despite the bear market we’re all in right now on every front is that it’s continued to grow and grow and grow… A lot of people don’t understand it at all, especially women and especially underserved communities. And I really wanted to create the opportunity for women to come in and not only learn about what all this means but to apply it to their own lives or their own businesses… Crypto and web 3.0… is the future of the internet and those who understand it will be able to leverage some of the new tools being created to better serve their audiences and their communities.” – Brit Morin (Video: Washington Post Live)
“One of our biggest marketing things is to sample it, so once people taste it they’re more, they like it and they want to buy it, so we weren’t able to do that, that was a huge part of our marketing. So we’ve gotten very creative, one of the things we do now is that for our food service accounts we shipped them our product and then do online Zoom tastings.” – Minnie Luong (Video: Washington Post Live)
“Obstacles breed creativity… The market has shifted course. We go back to our core every single time which is, we exist to bring people together around the power of home cooking, whether you’re in a pandemic, whether you’re in a recession, cooking is good for you, being connected to those around you… is important and good for you.” Shiza Shahid (Video: Washington Post Live)

Minnie Luong

Chef & Founder, Chi Kitchen

Brit Morin

Co-Founder, Offline Ventures, BFF & Brit + Co

Shiza Shahid

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Our Place

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Purnima Kochikar

Vice President, Google Play Partnerships