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‘Hacks’ co-star on Emmy nomination and women in comedy

Hannah Einbinder joins Washington Post Live on Tuesday, August 2. (Video: The Washington Post)

Hannah Einbinder is the Emmy-nominated co-star of the popular and critically acclaimed series “Hacks.” Join Washington Post pop culture reporter Helena Andrews-Dyer for a conversation with Einbinder about her role on the multigenerational show and the changing landscape for women in comedy.

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“Jean has a really young spirit and I am a very old soul and I think we kind of meet in the middle there…Putting aside the fact that our sense of humors are very meshed and so similar, she’s just such an incredible friend and we’ve just been very vulnerable and open with each other about everything in our lives and within this show. And so, the evolution of our chemistry into the most beautiful friendship has just really been very seamless because we both are just really open people…It's just been one of the greatest, most rewarding and cherished relationships I've had in my life."- Hannah Einbinder (Video: Washington Post Live)
“I think that the show never attempts to legitimize one of their [Ava or Deborah] perspectives over the other fully. If anything, it sort of sheds light on the flaws of both of their perspectives… Now, more than ever, people are really struggling to see each other's perspectives because the world is changing so rapidly. And so, I hope that a show like "Hacks" is a good model of people with a 50-year, 40-year age gap finding a way to co-exist…and beyond that create great work or have a close relationship.”- Hannah Einbinder (Video: Washington Post Live)

Hannah Einbinder