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Juju Chang on covering rising anti-Asian bias and violence

Juju Chang joins Washington Post Live on Thursday, August 4. (Video: The Washington Post)

Juju Chang, co-anchor of ABC News’ “Nightline,” has covered breaking news for decades, reported on stories from violence against women to climate change and sat down for interviews with major global figures. Join The Washington Post’s Michelle Ye Hee Lee for a conversation with the veteran journalist about covering the rising hate against Asian Americans during the coronavirus pandemic and her trailblazing career.

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“This mass shooting was a moment where Asian Americans stood up and said, ‘Wait, we know what this feeling is like, we know what it feels like to be othered. In that way, I think it was a watershed moment.” – Juju Chang (Video: Washington Post Live)
“What is it in our culture that sends these unconscious messages to disordered minds?... Where are those messages coming from and what can we do to combat that?” – Juju Chang (Video: Washington Post Live)
“The flip side of the fetishizing and the hyper-sexualization of Asian women is the emasculation of Asian men in many ways. We see it in movies, we see it in stereotypes. I think that in many ways informs sort of the way local news anchor teams have been shaped.”- Juju Chang (Video: Washington Post Live)
“Be unafraid to embrace your identity, because for many years early on I wanted to fit in and be one of the guys. Now I realize the virtue of my lived experience is actually a superpower, whether it’s my experience of being a mom or a working mom or my experience of being an immigrant in this country, they all help inform and give context to the stories that I do.” – Juju Chang (Video: Washington Post Live)

Juju Chang

Co-Anchor, ABC News’ “Nightline”