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Harnessing technology to combat climate change

Jigar Shah and Liane Randolph join Washington Post Live on Friday, Oct. 28. (Video: The Washington Post)

From renewable energy to electric vehicles to carbon capture, new innovations could help counter the most extreme effects of climate change. Join Washington Post Live for conversations with Jigar Shah, director of the Energy Department’s Loan Programs Office, and Liane Randolph, chair of the California Air Resources Board, to discuss the role of technology in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a more sustainable economy.

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“When you look at the Eartshots and Moonshots, it’s really around technologies that are already proven. So whether its geothermal or long duration energy storage or hydrogen… they don’t have technology risk, they’re just expensive… To get them across the bridge to bankability requires roughly $100 billion dollars of private sector involvement for every single sector and there’s probably 20 or so sectors we need to do. The good news is that that two trillion dollars exists.” – Jigar Shah (Video: Washington Post Live)
“The benefits to communities of making this transition cannot be overstated. We have people living near ports, living alongside freeways, living near warehouses that are impacted by diesel pollution every day, and getting rid of the dirtiest of dirty vehicles and moving them to zero-emission will fundamentally change lives.” – Liane Randolph (Video: Washington Post Live)
“There’s an international movement towards zero emissions vehicles and the automakers are seeing that, they’re seeing the incredible success we’ve had here in the United States… They know the world is moving to zero and they need to be part of that transition.” – Liane Randolph (Video: Washington Post Live)
“America is showing that it has the best technologies in the world… We have the ability to dominate the landscape around the world as it comes to energy security and our national security… The question really becomes how do you make sure the next generation of American innovators and entrepreneurs create that wealth creation here?” – Jigar Shah (Video: Washington Post Live)

Jigar Shah

Director, Loan Programs Office, Energy Department

Liane Randolph

Chair, California Air Resources Board

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(Video: Washington Post Live)

Coming Together to Build Climate Resilience: The Importance of Cross-sector Collaboration in a Changing Climate

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Charlene Lake

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