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TikTok star on how we talk about climate change and solutions

Alaina Wood joins Washington Post Live on Wednesday, Dec. 7. (Video: The Washington Post)

The scope of climate change can often make people feel powerless, but communication experts say how these issues are discussed can shape solutions at the individual and community level. Join Washington Post Live for a conversation with scientist and TikTok star Alaina Wood about her work to make science more accessible and actionable as part of a special week-long series, “This is Climate.”

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“Unfortunately, I still think climate change is a taboo topic. I live in an area where it certainly is and I think people are afraid to say that they want climate action, they believe in climate change, they know it’s real. But my advice to any of them is make it a dinner table conversation. You don’t have to outright say the words ‘climate change,’ but mention ‘Oh hey, it’s a lot warmer than it would normally be in December,’ or ‘did you see that natural disaster? That’s odd that that happened.” – Alaina Wood (Video: Washington Post Live)
“My advice to anyone watching is to balance trying to do sustainable things in your life –like reducing how much plastic waste you produce or how much meat and dairy products you eat – do that in whatever way is affordable and attainable for you, and then also fight for climate action at a local, state, and federal level through voting and through asking your elected officials to pass climate policies.” – Alaina Wood (Video: Washington Post Live)
“Climate doom is a form of climate misinformation that insinuates it is either too late or quickly becoming too late to address climate change. Obviously, the science does not agree with that whole statement.” – Alaina Wood (Video: Washington Post Live)

Alaina Wood

Climate Communicator