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Germany’s climate envoy on Europe’s climate policies and energy security

Jennifer Morgan joins Washington Post Live on Tuesday, Dec. 13. (Video: The Washington Post)

Jennifer Morgan ran Greenpeace International for six years before joining the German government in February as the special envoy for international climate action. Join Washington Post climate reporter Michael Birnbaum for a conversation with Morgan about Europe’s efforts to slow global warming and the energy crisis sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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“How challenging it is to have a responsibility to make decisions, to have to balance out the different priorities of different countries, certainly in the loss and damage negotiations, that was certainly a key piece. I always had respect for negotiators and ministers who were there but I don’t think I understood the extra responsibility that’s on the shoulders of people who are trying to come to decisions and to agreements.” – Jennifer Morgan (Video: Washington Post Live)
“We listened a huge amount in the leader up to the COP in order to put forward something for the presidency that could then get the issue even on the agenda, which was very clear by the way that it’s not about liability, it’s not about reparations for the past, it’s about looking forward but it is about addressing loss and damage.” – Jennifer Morgan (Video: Washington Post Live)
“What we saw actually was that there was a group of particularly oil and fossil fuel dependent countries that didn’t want to go in that direction. There were over 80 countries that that supported a phase out of fossil fuels… but it was pretty clear that those other oil producing, gas producing countries did not want to go in that direction.” – Jennifer Morgan (Video: Washington Post Live)
“We’re working closely with the United States to come to an agreement but at the same time we have to continue our own efforts to strengthen the European green transition of our industries and we’re having conversations in Germany and in the European Union how we can do that best. We’re see that when we act together we are strong, we also have tremendous renewable resources across the European Union.” – Jennifer Morgan (Video: Washington Post Live)

Jennifer Morgan

State Secretary & Special Envoy for International Climate Action