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Las Vegas Raiders president on breaking barriers in the NFL

Sandra Douglass Morgan joins Washington Post Live on Wednesday, Jan. 4. (Video: The Washington Post)

Sandra Douglass Morgan is the first Black woman to serve as an NFL president. The Las Vegas Raiders leader will join The Post’s Robin Givhan to discuss helming the franchise and the opportunities and challenges facing women in male-dominated fields.

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“The NFL and the Bills and the Bengals handled it as well as could be expected considering the fact that it is something that hasn’t happened before. I think it’s a testament to the commitment to the players’ health and safety that obviously the games were canceled not only for Damar, but also for the players that witnessed this happen. So I think they handled it incredibly well considering the circumstances.” – Sandra Douglass Morgan (Video: Washington Post Live)
“When the Raiders announced that they were contemplating even coming, I knew, honestly being a wife of an NFL athlete as well, what types of economic development and opportunities having a professional sports team especially like the Raiders could do for southern Nevada. So I was already a fan.” – Sandra Douglass Morgan (Video: Washington Post Live)
“I’ve personally kind of had to push myself to realize that those Connie Chung moments for me as child you could be someone’s moments for another little girl or teenager or even maybe adult woman seeing me in the position that I’m in now, and realizing that… it’s helpful to see someone in that position to know, ‘this is an opportunity, this is a possibility for me.’” – Sandra Douglass Morgan (Video: Washington Post Live)
“It’s important that everyone, but especially women, take the position to be able to advocate for themselves and know their worth and know that the value that they bring to the organizations and be able to speak confidently about the what they’re doing to improve these organizations… Pay equity, for me, is clear.” – Sandra Douglass Morgan (Video: Washington Post Live)

Sandra Douglass Morgan

President, Las Vegas Raiders