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Chobani CEO on entrepreneurship, immigration and the state of the American Dream

Hamdi Ulukaya joins Washington Post Live on Monday, March 13. (Video: The Washington Post)

Hamdi Ulukaya is the self-made, Turkish-born founder of Chobani, which has captured more the 20 percent of the U.S. yogurt market. Ulukaya joins Washington Post senior writer Frances Stead Sellers to discuss his entrepreneurial journey, immigration in the United States and his contribution to relief efforts following the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

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“The history of this country where people came from all over the world and built America … is the backbone of this country … I was in Texas and I was at the border and I’ve seen it. I’ve been to borders before … What I saw in Texas is something that needs to be stopped. It needs to be prevented. The human tragedy is in the hugest place … This experience needs to be humane, controlled and planned. What the Vice President has done with starting the Central America initiatives … businesses go to the areas where most of the problems are economic and creating environments where there’s hope for them … Every time that you bring business community a part of this type of initiative there is a fast solution that can come.” - Hamdi Ulukaya (Video: Washington Post Live)
“I am pleased with how American countries and now European countries are participating in a very active way of hiring refugees, simply because data is very real. What data shows you is the minute you hire the refugee, that’s the minute the refugee stops being a refugee. That’s the minute they stand on their own feet. That’s the minute they provide for their families. That’s the minute they feel like human beings again. They don't want handouts; they really want second chance to participate in life." - Hamdi Ulukaya (Video: Washington Post Live)
“When you look at yogurt consumption in America, we are still half of per capita in Canada and maybe four to eight times per capita in Europe. So, we still have a long way to go. When it comes to yogurt, America is underdeveloped." - Hamdi Ulukaya (Video: Washington Post Live)

Hamdi Ulukaya

Founder & CEO, Chobani