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Rep. Maxwell Frost on being the first Gen Z member of Congress

Rep. Maxwell Frost joins Washington Post Live on Thursday, March 16. (Video: The Washington Post)

Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.) is the youngest member of Congress and the first from Generation Z. Frost joins The Post’s Marianna Sotomayor for a conversation about his path to elected office, engaging young voters, his legislative priorities and the state of Florida politics. Next, The Post’s Caroline Kitchener and Akilah Johnson discuss the post-Roe landscape and a Texas lawsuit that could halt nationwide distribution of a key abortion drug.

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“I'm very pleased with the executive actions the President has taken. That executive action agenda is actually something we’ve been pushing for many years in the movement and it’s just great to see the President take that step … I’m a representative body, it’s a math problem … We need to change the math in the United States Congress to elect morally just leaders who actually care about our lives." - Rep. Maxwell Frost (D- Fla.) (Video: Washington Post Live)
“We have a governor who has been abusing his power to target marginalized communities because he wants to run for president and it helps him for his polls in his primary … Whatever the governor wants, he gets in this state because the Republicans and the state legislature are just lapdogs who do what he says." - Rep. Maxwell Frost (D- Fla.) (Video: Washington Post Live)
“It’s actually an issue I’m still learning a lot about myself … But it is a concern and it something that we should have a conversation around … I’d say the problem with data and social media is a bigger problem than just TikTok. But when you talk about foreign governments like China, it something we should take a look at. I’m not for unilaterally banning TikTok from the United States right now, but I do think we need to look into it.” - Rep. Maxwell Frost (D- Fla.) (Video: Washington Post Live)
“With young people, when they see that fight from their leaders, even though we might not always be successful, I think it shows them that their leaders that are working for them because they are. Young folks, in general, expect a lot from their leaders because we’ve been let down for so long … If you want people to vote, give them something to vote for. Show them that government works for them.” - Rep. Maxwell Frost (D- Fla.) (Video: Washington Post Live)

Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.)

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