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First Look with The Post’s Jonathan Capehart

Jonathan Capehart hosts a reporter debrief, followed by a roundtable discussion with Post opinions columnists. (Video: The Washington Post)

Bank failures. U.S.-Russia tensions rise over a drone crash. A split among GOP presidential hopefuls on Ukraine. Join Washington Post associate editor Jonathan Capehart for “First Look” for analysis from global economics correspondent David J. Lynch followed by a roundtable discussion with opinions columnists Eugene Robinson and George F. Will about the week’s big stories.

Correction: Earlier print promotional copy for this program incorrectly described the forcing down of a U.S. drone by Russian fighter jets over the Black Sea as a “shootdown.”


“It’s impossible to rule out additional failures. But It does appear that the authorities … seem to be sending the message that every bank is too big to fail or, really, every decent-sized bank. And that's already drawn criticism on Capitol Hill and it's an issue we're going to be dealing with for a long time." - David J. Lynch (Video: Washington Post Live)
“This is not the first time that Russian jets have … done sort of dangerous things … I doubt that you would take a many multimillion-dollar fighter jet and deliberately run it into a drone … They intended to dump the fuel on the drone and mess it up. It was provocative, but I think they had in advance … tried to measure the level of provocation. And they probably didn’t intend to actually run into the thing.” - Eugene Robinson (Video: Washington Post Live)
“What Mr. DeSantis said, in this flippant way, which he said through Tucker Carlson, you can’t really make this nonsense up, that this is a mere ‘territorial dispute.’ If that is his settled view after the dust settles and he elaborates on this, then he’s not fit to be president.” - George F. Will (Video: Washington Post Live)

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