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Chef Sophia Roe on global food insecurity

Sophia Roe joins Washington Post Live on Thursday, March 22. (Video: The Washington Post)

Sophia Roe is a James Beard Award-winning chef and Emmy-nominated TV host of the Tastemade series “Counter Space.” Roe joins The Post’s Helena Andrews-Dyer to talk about combining her cooking expertise with her food advocacy.

Next, Andrews-Dyer will be joined by The Post’s Camila DeChalus and Tatum Hunter to break down the TikTok CEO’s congressional testimony and continued questions about the platform’s impact on national security.

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“There is cooking in the show, but it's so much more than a cooking show. There's so much storytelling, so much anecdotal evidence of the stuff we hear about all the time. Whether it be food insecurity, food justice, agriculture, climate change. It's really a show about stories … It is so important we have a food, news-based show." - Sophia Roe (Video: Washington Post Live)
“Food is actually such a really great starter with any conversation, but especially with a difficult conversation … Maybe you have a relative who has some different beliefs than you and you really want to sit down and talk to them. Doing that over a meal—amazing … I know we want our food origin stories to be really happy because they make us feel good, but it’s very important for us to understand that these origin stories tell a lot deeper of a story than just about what we’re eating, but also where we came from, why we're here.” - Sophia Roe (Video: Washington Post Live)
“We say terms like ‘food access,’ ‘food insecurity,’ ‘food deserts,’ ‘food swamps.’ We’ve got to just call it hunger because that’s what it is … In the United States especially, we kind of treat hunger like it's this temporary emergency … If you are under the age of five and you experience hunger, you have a 75 percent more chance of experiencing it as an adult. This doesn't just go away." - Sophia Roe (Video: Washington Post Live)
“You see women in the kitchen more than ever and they’re not just in the kitchen— I want to make it clear; we’ve always been here—but now we’re finally being acknowledged for it, especially as Black women or POC’s … I want to see more women getting the James Beard award. I want to see more Indigenous people getting funding for restaurants. I want to see more women, Indigenous people, POC’s, Black people when it actually comes to restaurant ownership.” - Sophia Roe (Video: Washington Post Live)

Sophia Roe

Chef & Host, “Counter Space”

Tatum Hunter

Consumer Technology Reporter, The Washington Post

Camila DeChalus

Congressional Reporter, The Washington Post