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First Look with The Post’s Jonathan Capehart

Jonathan Capehart hosts a reporter debrief, followed by a roundtable discussion with Post opinions columnists. (Video: The Washington Post)

Washington Post Live’s “First Look” offers a smart, inside take on the day’s politics. Jonathan Capehart hosts a reporter debrief followed by a roundtable discussion with Washington Post opinions columnists. Tune in for news and analysis you can’t get anywhere else.


“I think in the short run, as we saw yesterday, this gives him some kind of a mini boost because it has forced so much of the Republican Party … to come to his defense … It reminds people that he plays a dominant role in the Republican Party. That he’s the biggest figure and force in the Republican Party. But longer term, we can't begin to anticipate what this might mean ... Donald Trump has been through a lot over many years. But he has never been indicted criminally ... This is going to be a long process that's going to expose more and more." - Dan Balz (Video: Washington Post Live)
“I am not worried about violence … No one’s thinking about violence, I think that's a trope. But I do think the criminalization of politics is very bad." - Hugh Hewitt (Video: Washington Post Live)
Dionne on Republican reluctance to challenge Trump “These Republicans who have to oppose Trump for the nomination are all falling in line behind him. And I think they are making similar mistakes to the mistakes Republicans made in 2016. Which is this terrible reluctance to take Trump on directly, to challenge him. They are conceding this guy controls the Republican electorate … The gutlessness in going after Trump is really striking. And I think it’s a real sign of weakness.” - E.J. Dionne (Video: Washington Post Live)

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