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Law enforcement voices pushing for an assault weapons ban

Chuck Wexler and Michel Moore join Washington Post Live on Thursday, May 4. (Video: The Washington Post)

The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), a prominent law enforcement think tank, is calling for a ban on assault weapons as part of a comprehensive approach to counter gun violence. Join Washington Post Live for a conversation with PERF executive director Chuck Wexler and Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore about why they are pushing for an assault weapons ban.

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“When we face criticism about an assault weapon ban and people say, ‘Well, you have this in California but chief how’s that work on mass shootings in California?’ We need to speak to facts and acknowledge the fact that it hasn’t eliminated it entirely but the incremental steps we have taken in this city and in this state have made us, by the data, a safer place.” – Michel Moore (Video: Washington Post Live)
“The way to get police executives involved is to talk about the totality of gun violence. I mean, we talk about assault weapons, we need to deal with that, but we need to deal with everyday violence.” – Chuck Wexler (Video: Washington Post Live)
“When you say six out of ten American police officers support this [assault weapons] ban, I think it’s much more than that, when they understand the complexity of what’s being asked. We’re asking for a responsible limit on these high-capacity magazines, on these weapons that are only designed to kill people.” – Michel Moore (Video: Washington Post Live)
“Training has to change dramatically, but I think every time we have a situation like Tyre Nichols, the best thing we can do is not avoid it but show it and talk about it… The important thing to ask what could have been done to prevent that, how should our training change?” – Chuck Wexler (Video: Washington Post Live)

Michel Moore

Los Angeles Police Chief

Chuck Wexler

Executive Director, Police Executive Research Forum