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The role of business in confronting climate change

Washington Post Live
This is Climate: Business & Sustainability on Tuesday, May 30 at 3:00 p.m. ET

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A wave of companies has announced new investments in renewable energy, electric vehicles and other sustainable initiatives to slow the effects of climate change. On Tuesday, May 30 at 3:00 p.m. ET, join Washington Post Live for conversations with Ryan Panchadsaram, technical adviser at Kleiner Perkins, Mekala Krishnan, partner at McKinsey Global Institute, and Tensie Whelan, director of the Center for Sustainable Business at New York University, about the role of the private sector in fighting global warming and whether a new climate industrial revolution could be on the horizon.

Ryan Panchadsaram

Adviser, Kleiner Perkins

Author, “Speed & Scale”

Mekala Krishnan

Partner, McKinsey Global Institute

Tensie Whelan

Clinical Professor of Business & Society Director, Center for Sustainable Business, New York University

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Breaking the Myth of the Green Premium

In a segment presented by Ecolab, Calvin Emanuel, vice president and general manager of Sustainable Growth Solutions, will discuss why companies no longer need to be forced to choose between profitability or sustainability. The conversation will also cover the inherent link between water and energy and how this nexus not only translates to lowering costs, but it also helps to align with the latest climate legislation and help save our planet. By transforming how business leaders around the world think about – and efficiently manage – water within their operations, companies can reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously propelling business growth.There is a common misconception amongst business leaders that ambitious sustainability and profitability goals can’t possibly co-exist– but it is possible.

Calvin Emanuel

Vice President & General Manager, Sustainable Growth Solutions, Ecolab