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‘Couples Therapy’ psychologist on what she’s learned probing relationships

Orna Guralnik joins Washington Post Live on Tuesday, May 23. (Video: The Washington Post)

“Couples Therapy” is a Showtime documentary series that uses psychoanalytic principles to peel the layers behind people’s relationships. Host and psychologist Orna Guralnik joins Washington Post Live to discuss the popularity of the unscripted show and her advice for couples to avoid projecting their own issues onto their partners.

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“All these normative ways of imagining gender, relationships, family structures have been kind of opened up for questioning and people are rethinking and if all of that is open and then you have the climate catastrophe coming and in a way foreshortening the future then the question of whether to have kids and how to have kids is a very different question nowadays.” – Orna Guralnik (Video: Washington Post Live)
“The mental health crisis is not a thing on its own, it’s an expression of what’s happening in society. Dealing with it only on the level of mental health is missing the big picture… whether it’s like the climate crisis coming their way or the incredible divisions in terms of like the way wealth is distributed in this country and like the hopelessness about being able to tackle that.” – Orna Guralnik (Video: Washington Post Live)
“There’s a certain kind of call to presence, call to being present in a way that a regular session doesn’t always have… There’s a way in which the camera demands presence so in that sense it’s therapy on steroids.” – Orna Guralnik (Video: Washington Post Live)

Orna Guralnik

Psychologist & Psychoanalyst, “Couples Therapy”