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WP Subscriber Exclusive: Lis Smith reflects on her career as a political strategist in new memoir

Lis Smith joins Washington Post Live on Wednesday, July 20. (Video: The Washington Post)
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Veteran Democratic political strategist Lis Smith has worked with some of the biggest names from the statehouse to the White House. Smith talks with Washington Post associate editor Jonathan Capehart about her new memoir, “Any Given Tuesday: A Political Love Story,” and offers an insider’s guide to modern-day campaigning.

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“He looked us each in the eye when we met with him and he said, ‘Nothing else will come out, there is nothing else that will come out.’ And then there was this sort of steady drip-drip-drip-drip, you know things of varying degrees… I found myself in a situation that it felt like a little bit like quicksand, that I was like, getting pulled in over my head and there was no way for me to get out.” – Lis Smith (Video: Washington Post Live)
“No, I do not think anyone will primary Biden. There’s whispers of it, to the extent that we do hear whispers of it, it’s coming largely from the media.” – Lis Smith (Video: Washington Post Live)
“Joe Biden was elected to be a sort of consensus candidate, someone who could really appeal to all Americans and he’s really best when he is who he is… We’ve seen him stand up to the left and I think he’s got to do a little bit more of that to show some strength because they have sort of draw some blood for him.” – Lis Smith (Video: Washington Post Live)

Lis Smith

Democratic Political Strategist & Author, “Any Given Tuesday: A Political Love Story”