The FDR Memorial at dusk. (Erik Cox Photography via Flickr)

Cooler than normal days have been a rarity of late. Before today, only three such days have happened this month. High temperatures this afternoon in the mid-70s are indeed a few degrees below normal, and that might be as warm as we can muster over the next several days. With cooler air tend to come rain and clouds this time of year. As if we haven’t seen enough of either!

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Through Tonight: Clouds should tend to win out, although it’s not impossible we get a clearer period or two as well, especially this evening. Other than an isolated and quick shower, it should be dry through the night. Temperatures bottom out in the mid-60s to around 70.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): A cold front is sinking through the region. It should be largely dry in doing so, although a quick shower can’t be totally ruled out. I think we see more sun than today, but maybe not a ton. Highs are in the mid-70s, give or take a few degrees. Winds are back to the north and northwest later in the day, and showers become possible heading into and through the night.

Sunday: Off-and-on rain is possible for most of the day. It’s a raw rain as well, with temperatures perhaps spending much of the time close to 60. I think we’ll peak a bit higher than that, but maybe not much. You might want a sweater, as highs may struggle toward the mid-60s. Some real fall weather, if not the best kind.

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Pollen update: Mold spores are high. Grass and weed pollen is moderate.

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