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Great Falls flooded again this weekend. It’s the fourth time since May.

Flood conditions at Great Falls on Sunday morning. (Kevin Ambrose/The Washington Post)
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For the fourth time since late May, the Potomac River reached flood stage at Great Falls. The latest flood occurred during this past weekend.

So far, 2018 is among the wettest years on record and the flooding on the Potomac River is proof of our abundant rainfall.

Here’s the list of the flooding events this year recorded at Little Falls, located near Great Falls:

  1. May 20, 9.83 feet
  2. June 5, 12.40 feet
  3. Sept. 11, 10.85 feet
  4. Sept. 29, 11.01 feet

Flood stage at Little Falls is right around 10 feet. Since the 1930s, the river has reached this level about 95 times, according to historical data, or - on average - just over once per year.

Great Falls raging, Sept 30. (Kevin Ambrose/The Washington Post)

Floods will draw the crowds to Great Falls Park. I timed my visit Saturday afternoon to coincide with the forecast peak water level, but I couldn’t make it to the river. The line of cars waiting Saturday afternoon to enter the park gates on Old Dominion Drive stretched about a half-mile, almost to Georgetown Pike.

I waited in line for about 30 minutes and seemed to advance only because the people in front of me gave up waiting, turned around and left the park. I decided to turn around, too, with a plan to return early Sunday morning to avoid the crowds. Before I turned around, however, I took a photo of the line of cars in front of me.

Sunday morning at 7 a.m., I was back in line to enter Great Falls Park. This time, two cars were in front of me, and it took only a few minutes to reach Overlook #1 on the river.

The river had subsided slightly since Saturday afternoon by two or three feet. I captured photos and video of Great Falls and have included them in this post. I have also included two photos of the falls from Saturday afternoon for comparison, captured by a friend who arrived there in the morning and beat the crowds.