6/10: It’s hard to grade too tough on a Friday! Sure, it’s muggy, but NOT hot. Shower and storm chances increase with time. We could squeak by with an “okay” a.m. before a wetter p.m.


Today: Increasing shower and storm chance with time. Highs: about 70 to mid-70s.

Tonight: Showers, storms. Breezy. Lows: upper 40s to mid-50s.

Saturday: Clouds, rain quickly exit. Windy. Highs: 50s to near 60.

Sunday: Sunny. Less breeze. Highs: Upper 50s to low 60s.

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Ready the umbrellas. An incoming cold front is pumping warmth and mugginess ahead of itself today, but downpours could hinder commutes home this afternoon and evening as it moves through our region. Tomorrow we clear, but it’s blustery. Sunday holds promise!

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Today (Friday): Despite clouds and increasing chances for showers as the day wears on, 10 to 20 mph southerly breezes boost our temperatures to about 70 to mid-70s by mid-afternoon. Afternoon showers may be accompanied by rumbles of thunder — even a strong storm is possible, with lightning and strong winds. We probably start getting full-on soaked by evening rush hour, if not slightly before. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Downpours and storms are possible, with moderate to locally heavy rain at times, tending to taper as we get into the night. Totals of an inch or two to even three are possible if storms move over the same area for a while. We’ll keep an eye out if flooding concerns develop. Upper 40s to mid-50s possible before dawn, so bundle up in a lined raincoat if out late — those winds near 10 mph shift toward a colder northwesterly direction as the night wears on! Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Saturday): A stray shower may be around early. Otherwise, clouds should decrease quickly in the morning. Brisk west-northwest winds near 25 mph make coats and dressing in layers a great idea. High temperatures may get stuck in the 50s, and the wind chill may subtract another 5 degrees from the air temperatures to match what it actually feels like. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Clear skies prevail, and northwesterly winds calm notably after sunset. Low 40s are possible downtown for nighttime low temperatures, with some mid-30s outside the Beltway. Please switch those clocks back at 2 a.m., to 1 a.m.! Confidence: Medium


Sunday: Our hour-earlier sunrise shouldn’t be impeded by clouds! We may stay completely dry and bright all day — fingers crossed. Upper 50s to low 60s should feel comfortable, with only light easterly breezes looking possible at this time. Enjoy the outdoors if you can! Confidence: Medium

Sunday night: Clouds start increasing, and we may see some showers before dawn. Temperatures slowly rise from evening 40s to pre-dawn 50s, thanks to steady easterly breezes potentially pumping in clammier, moister air off the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic. Stay tuned for better rain-arrival timing, as we get closer. Confidence: Low-Medium

Clouds and rain may dominate Monday and Tuesday. Subject to change when looking at a potential storm system this many days away, but at this point it appears Monday may be cooler, with rainy moments. High temperatures in the mid-50s to about 60. Tuesday could see showers and thunderstorms with muggier high temperatures of about 70 to the mid-70s. Confidence: Low