D.C. at night. (Kevin Wolf via Flickr)

Yet another wet day in 2018. We’re closing in on all the marks you’d expect to when the wettest year on record is a possibility. While we don’t add much to the annual tally tonight into early tomorrow, there’s no significant drying. There may be a drier window on Tuesday before the next batch of rain. If it’s not raining as you head out, voting in the morning might not be the worst idea, but it shouldn’t be too bad later in the day, either.

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Through Tonight: Not much change into the evening, except for too much darkness. Our air mass is a bit stagnated until after sunrise tomorrow, so low clouds and fog remain, as does at least periodic drizzle. Temperatures don’t go too far from where they were this afternoon, with lows mainly in the mid-40s to lower 50s.

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Election Day (Tuesday): We’ve still got low clouds, fog and drizzle around early. Perhaps a few showers, as well. Nothing too intense, but it keeps things damp. The driest time of the day may be from the post-sunrise period into about midday. At that point, the front is coming in with more showers and perhaps a stronger storm or two that contains damaging winds and/or a tornado. Pretty similar to Friday night’s setup, although it arguably overperformed. Once the first line moves through, showers remain a risk through sunset or a bit longer, although it should be doable to get out and vote as needed! Highs should make the mid-60s to perhaps around 70 before the afternoon rain moves in.

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Winter is coming? Perhaps as soon as next week. A big cold shot is being advertised by weather models. The European ensemble mean temperature forecast for D.C. tells the story for now. It’s way out there, but there is building agreement.

Temperature forecast for D.C. from today's European ensemble mean. (weathermodels.com)

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