President George H.W. Bush's procession drives by the Capitol on Tuesday. (Joe Flood/Flickr)

High temperatures came early today, with the weather turning increasingly colder in the afternoon. A blustery wind added to the chill. Clouds that have been numerous remain that way into tonight and tomorrow. A strong disturbance passing by aloft may spark snow showers tomorrow, and it’s possible that a few could be — briefly — on the feisty side.

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Through tonight: It’s a cold one, as skies remain partly to mostly cloudy. Winds do turn lighter as we head into the night. Lows eventually reach the mid-20s to low 30s. A snow shower is possible by dawn, but that should mainly be to our west and southwest that early.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): Skies are cloudy, and we stay chilled through the day. An upper-level low pressure is passing by, and it may help spark a round or two of snow showers. A few could be briefly intense. It could be a case of two main time frames, with one in the morning to midday, then additional activity later. There is some chance that one burst could coincide with the late-day drive, as well. Highs head for a zone of about 33 to 38.

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Wednesday flakes? This whole “event” should be largely inconsequential for our area, given its lack of major precipitation and borderline temperatures. There is, however, some chance of poorly timed squalls, as noted above.

Location and specific time are less important than the idea. That said, this is one model showing squalls around 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The high-resolution HRRR model shows a few heavier snow showers in the area per its simulation. (Capital Weather Gang and Pivotal Weather)

And another showing the same general scenario, with stuff around the city at 7 p.m.

The high resolution NAM model showing snow showers in the area around 7 p.m. Wednesday. (Capital Weather Gang and Pivotal Weather)

Given the potential timing — coinciding with the commute — and the likelihood of temperatures falling back to around freezing with sunset, it wouldn’t necessarily take much to cause a few problems. Do check back!

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