Washington at sunset. (Angela Pan/Flickr)

Temperatures topped out at around 40 or a few degrees warmer in most spots this afternoon, but when you added in the wind it felt more like the 20s or 30s most of the day. Those winds taper off pretty fast with sunset. With clear skies and a cold air mass hanging out, you’re going to get an extra-chilled one tonight. It seems like the right time for cuddling up with a good book or movie.

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Through tonight: Winds diminish rapidly with sunset. Other than an occasional patch or two of high clouds, skies are mostly clear. Thanks to low dew points delivering very low humidity, we should see temperatures tumble fast under clear skies and with calmer winds. Lows range from about 20 to 27.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): It’s a lot like today. Skies are mostly clear, and temperatures remain colder than normal. Winds are probably lighter as well, which helps a bit. Highs are near or a bit above 40.

Sunday: Coming off low temperatures that will be again near 20 or ranging across the 20s, skies fill with clouds headed into Sunday — this as a snowstorm passes to our south. We may get some snowflakes in this area, but if so, they won’t amount to a whole lot. Best odds of that are south of town. Highs range from the mid-30s to around 40.

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