1:40 p.m. storm update

The trend of late with this storm is northward with its precipitation shield. Newer weather modeling suggests that snow — which could accumulate — may move into far southern suburbs during the midday Sunday, perhaps even making it into the immediate area in the afternoon. It’s not impossible, based on current but still-shifting data, that a period of moderate snow makes it into locations like Fredericksburg and southern Maryland later in the day as well.

It has been cold, tonight will be very cold again, and clouds plus precipitation could mean temperatures underperform compared to the previously expected mid-30s to near 40 on Sunday. There have been somewhat significant shifts with precipitation in the short-term with this system, and that is still possible ahead, so do consider the risk for a snowier day, or even not much snow at all. Living on the edge is never easy.

We continue to monitor and will have more as needed.

From 5 a.m....


6/10: No major change compared to Friday, so we’ll keep the digit going for another day.


Today: Mostly sunny. Highs: Near 40 to mid-40s.

Tonight: Clouds increase late. Lows: Near 20 to mid-20s.

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy. Snow flurries possible. Highs: Mid-30s to near 40.

This weekend is ending up a lot more peaceful than it could have been. In this case it is a strong, cold high pressure that is to blame for helping keeping accumulating snow to our south. While we might still see a few snowflakes fall from the sky tomorrow, accumulating snow stays south and we mostly just stay cold.

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Today (Saturday): This is kind of a repeat of yesterday, but with less wind. That’s good news since wind is not the greatest when it’s cold. Under mostly sunny skies, highs are in the near 40 to mid-40s zone, and any wind is light out of the northwest. Confidence: High

Tonight: Dry air is still entrenched in the region, so that means we should see temperatures fall off quickly this evening. It’s another night with lows across the 20s. Some increase in clouds may be ongoing by sunrise. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Clouds are numerous. It’s unlikely we see much snow from the storm passing to our south, but a few flakes could lazily flutter at some point, especially south of the city. The main impact of the storm is to keep us on the chilly side, with highs mainly in the upper 30s and lower 40s. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Clouds diminish and the departing storm system drags a little more cold air in its wake. This should help readings try to make it to the upper teens in the coldest spots north or west, while most of the rest of the area ranges from about 20 to 25. Confidence: Medium

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Skies are rather sunny, and temperatures come up somewhat for Monday. We’re talking afternoon highs closer to normal, although we are now approaching the coldest time of year, so that’s not saying much. Area thermometers are mainly in the mid- and upper 40s. Confidence: Medium

More of the same by Tuesday. Skies continue to be sunnier than not, as temperatures rise into the mid- and-upper 40s. Confidence: Medium


A daily assessment of the potential for at least 1 inch of snow in the next week, on a 0-10 scale.

1/10 (↓): Looking for snow this weekend? Drive south.