Downtown Washington at night. (Casey Labrack/Flickr)

Temperatures that were stuck in the 30s this afternoon managed to help deliver the first below normal day since mid-December. Wind chills that peaked in the 20s in most spots are dipping again with sunset. Those winds will be subsiding somewhat as we head into tomorrow, but temperatures stay on the chilly side.

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Through tonight: Winds decrease by about 10 mph this evening, which means they are still gusty overnight. Under mostly clear skies, temperatures end up reaching lows in the near-20 to mid-20s zone. Wind chills are in the teens most of the night as the wind continues to blow about 10 to 20 mph with higher gusts.

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Tomorrow (Friday): It’s a frozen start as winds remain feisty. Skies are largely sunny through the day, although some clouds may be moving in by late afternoon. Highs are mainly in the mid-30s to about 40. Winds are near 15 to 20 mph into the midday, then falling off more significantly into sunset.

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Temperatures compared to normal in winter (December through February) so far. The streak of 28 days above normal we just went through was the longest since winter 2006-2007. (Ian Livingston/The Washington Post)

The streak is over: With an average (so far, it may drop) of 35 degrees, today is the first day since Dec. 12 that temperatures ended up below normal in the city. The normal temperature today is 35.8 degrees, close to the coldest of the year at 35.7, which comes on Jan. 15-16. The four weeks of above normal temperatures ends up the longest wintertime streak since 2006-2007, when 30 days of above normal readings happened over almost the exact same period.

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