4/10: Still a bit too nippy when considering wind-chill values, but at least it’s sunny!


Today: More sun than clouds. Breezy. Highs: mid-30s to about 40.

Tonight: Increasing clouds. Calmer. Lows: 20s.

Saturday: Cloudy. Light snow possible by late afternoon. Highs: low to mid-30s.

Sunday: Periodic light snow possible. Highs: low to mid-30s.

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Enjoy one last serene, sunny day. Accumulating snow is likely this weekend, but question marks remain on the exact start time, the duration of potentially two waves of snow (later Saturday then another on Sunday) and the final amounts.

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Today (Friday): Wind chills in the teens are possible during earlier morning hours. Please bundle up, and don’t let fairly abundant sunshine fool you. High temperatures probably only hit the mid-30s to about 40. Northwest winds could be gustiest midday, nearing 20 mph or so, before waning around sunset. This air is super dry, so grab that lip balm and moisturizer. Confidence: High

Tonight: Skies may quickly cloud over. Low temperatures make it down into the 20s for all of us. Light northerly breezes continue to diminish, perhaps calming fully before sunrise. Some wind chill readings may hover around 20 degrees at times since it only takes a small gust to chill us at these temperatures. Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Clouds hang tough as we wait on our first of potentially two snow injections this weekend. We should stay dry and snow-free until perhaps mid- or late afternoon, but start time will be refined even further — stay tuned. Snow should remain light in general but a period of moderate snow around sunset and into the evening cannot be ruled out. High temperatures may hit the mid-30s very briefly, if the snow doesn’t start until late afternoon or so, but then quickly fall to the 32-degree freezing mark once precipitation begins. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tomorrow night: Light to at times moderate snow should continue into the night before potentially tapering later. Perhaps one to three inches falls in this batch. Forecast amounts subject to change. Temperatures hover in the upper 20s to low 30s. Confidence: Low-Medium


Sunday: Light snow may fall, although not constantly or steadily the entire day. Timing and duration still subject to change, but this potential “second wave” of snow may start up again late morning into midday hours. If we see any moderate, steadier snow, it may be during afternoon hours. Stay tuned. Additional accumulation is possible, with the heaviest amounts generally south of us. High temperatures may briefly get into the mid-30s midday. Confidence: Low-Medium

Sunday night: Any remaining snowfall should be light and periodic. Accumulation potential is quite low at this point. Northerly breezes feed in cold air, allowing the region to chill down into the low to mid-20s. Skies may stay mostly cloudy, even if snowflakes are few and far between (stay tuned). Confidence: Low-Medium

A few flakes may fall Monday, but accumulation should be done. Despite the chance for a few snow showers, skies slowly try to clear. High temperatures will struggle with a light northerly breeze feeding in some chilly air, but we should reach the mid-30s or so before sunset. Confidence: Low-Medium

Sunshine and thawing conditions may dominate Tuesday, but we’ll have to see as we get closer whether light northwesterly breezes do indeed allow high temperatures to get into the upper 30s to low 40s. It could be a nice day to soak up some rays after a few days of obscured light. Clouds should remain sparse. Confidence: Low-Medium


A daily assessment of the potential for at least an inch of snow in the next week, on a 0-10 scale.

7/10 (): At least an inch of accumulating snow is likely this weekend, especially Saturday night. Question marks remain.