People take in a sunny January day on the Tidal Basin. (Tim Brown via Flickr) (Tim Brown/Flickr/Tim Brown/Flickr)

* Winter weather advisory tomorrow night into Sunday, with winter storm warning south | Forecast details *

It was another cold one across the area — below-normal days back to back, and the first time this winter the city has been in the 30s for a high two days in a row as well. With thicker clouds still well west of the area, we should see temperatures fall quickly this evening along with winds. That helps set the stage for tomorrow’s snow.

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Through tonight: Some high clouds start to filter in through the evening. They should remain broken into the overnight before beginning to thicken and lower more noticeably heading into dawn. Winds finally die off for the most part, and any remaining clear skies help temperatures fall to quite chilly values. Lows range from the upper teens to mid-20s.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): This seems like a day there might be a pretty sunrise? Clouds should be thickening through the morning. Snow may start breaking out on radar as soon as late morning, but it’ll take a while to saturate the air aloft. Flakes should start to reach the surface by mid- to late afternoon, with accumulation probably starting pretty fast. It’s a cold one, with highs ranging from the upper 20s to lower 30s in most spots. In general Interstate 95 might be a good demarcation for those who might crack freezing, south and east that is. Once snow is underway, temperatures fall into and through the 20s everywhere.

Saturday night: Snow continues into the night. It is moderate to potentially heavy at times. At least a few inches should pile up across the area as lows settle into a range of 22 to 28 or so. Winds are fairly light but increase to around 5 to 10 mph over time.

Sunday: Accumulating snow should taper off in the morning, although flakes may continue to fall into the afternoon in some fashion. We probably spend most of the day in the 20s to around freezing, although temperatures may edge above the 32-degree mark in the afternoon should snow wind down completely. Winds pick up out of the north and northwest a bit as the storm departs.

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