The year's first snowball fight was hosted by the Washington DC Snowball Fight Association at the Washington Monument on Sunday. (Kyle Tsui/Kyle Tsui)

From the pets to the action shots, to the action shots with pets, to the snow golf and the snowy walks, our readers have the best eye for what makes Washington so beautiful in the winter. And it appears the capital region really enjoys the snow — and the snow days that come with it.

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos with us on Twitter, Flickr and Instagram with the hashtag #snurlough.

A Guiding Eyes for the Blind dog in training named Jude, playing in the snow. (Joseph Gruber/Joseph Gruber)

Snowy streets in Washington on Sunday. (Tim Brown/Tim Brown)

Walking the dog on R Street NW. (Angela N.)

A cardinal in the snow. (Ganesh Panneer/Ganesh Panneer)

Golfing in the snow in Alexandria. (Carol Jean Stalun)

Pedestrians cross a slushy 14th Street NW on Sunday. (Tim Brown/Tim Brown)

Fletcher's Cove in Washington. (Andrew Pasko-Reader/Andrew Pasko-Reader)

A good catch in Lincoln Park. (Miki Jourdan)

The Maryland State House in Annapolis on Saturday night. (John Goucher/John Goucher)

A person stops to take a photo of the snow in front of the Capitol on Saturday evening. (Mark Andre)

Washington National Cathedral in the snow. (Victoria Pickering)

Susie Shaffer's Rottweiler takes a Monday-morning romp in the 11 inches of snow Silver Spring received. (Susie Shaffer)

Cross-country skiing to the Capitol. (@Nathanaj80 on Twitter)

Swann Street rowhouses in the snow. (Karla Renschler)

A frozen Great Falls. (Nick Palastro)

Enjoying a walk around the Capitol. (Anu Dev)

The Chinatown arch in the snow. (Victoria Pickering)

The end of Snurlough, early Monday morning. (Clif Burns)