The wind-chill forecast for 7 a.m. Saturday shows much of the area possibly in the single digits. (Capital Weather Gang and Pivotal Weather)

We managed to eke out some nice moments at midday, even with an increasing wind behind the cold front. Cold air lags the front a bit, but we’ll really notice it filtering in over the evening hours. Our springtime tease is over for the weekend and probably beyond. It is still early February, after all.

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Through tonight: You probably noticed the increase in wind this afternoon. It wasn’t so bad at first, given warm temperatures. Temperature readings will continue to fairly rapidly fall into and through the evening. By the post-sunset period, you’ll certainly feel a much-increased chill to the air. That’s the story tonight as lows head for the upper teens to mid-20s in most spots. Add in a wind sustained around 20 to 25 mph and gusting near 40 mph — wind chills dip to the teens and single digits overnight. Skies remain clear.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): With temperatures staying in the 30s, and a gusty wind continuing, it’ll be a lot less friendly out there than in recent days. At least we’ll have plentiful sunshine! Highs are in the mid-30s or so but ranging from about 33 to 38 degrees. Winds out of the northwest around 10 to 20 mph early will die off with time.

Sunday: Clouds are numerous by morning, and then they thicken and lower during the day. We should stay dry for most or all of the daylight period, as highs rise toward 40. Some precipitation moves in around and after sunset. The onset of this precipitation should lower temperatures back toward freezing, which sets up potential troubles in the region. It could start off as snow before a wintry mix takes over into the night. More details on that from Jason Samenow.

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