Spring is springing outside the Library of Congress's Madison Building. (angela n./Flickr)

Beautiful blue skies graced the region today. Highs about 50 degrees or slightly above that mark are on the cool side of typical for mid-March, and that’s before a wind added a bit of an extra chill at times. The wind dies off tonight, and we start a several-day warm-up Wednesday.

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Through Tonight: Clear skies persist. It should be one of those nights with large temperature spreads around the area. Spots north and west that typically get quite cold could make the mid-20s. In the city, we might be looking at a low of only 35-37 or so. Winds become close to calm.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): There could be some clouds at times, but sunshine should tend to win out overall. Highs rise toward 60 degrees in most spots. Winds are out of the south at about 5 to 10 mph. Be on the lookout for more blooming flowers!

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Signs of spring: Each sunny or milder day is making it harder to ignore that spring is taking over. While it’s sure to still be a bumpy ride ahead, we’re on the cusp of a four-day stretch of temperatures 60 degrees and above in the city. We just saw two in a row ending Monday (60 and 62 for highs). Should we manage more than that, it’ll be the most since early last November. There’s also a chance we hit 70 degrees on not one but two days, Thursday and Friday. If it’s one, it’s the first since 74 degrees on Feb. 5. The last time we saw two days of 70s in a row? Back on Nov. 1-2.

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