Georgetown basks in the sun. (Rex Block/Flickr)

Temperatures soared into the 70s today on a gusty south wind. It’s the first day at or above 70 since early February. These kind of warm days are helping it look more and more like spring as additional plant life begins to come out of hibernation. We’ve got another day with highs in the 70s on the way tomorrow.

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Through tonight: Some clouds continue to stream in from the west. We may see a period of mostly cloudy conditions tonight. With a blanket overhead and a smidgen of humidity returning to our air, the extra moisture helps keeps temperatures up. There could be a few predawn showers. Lows range across the 50s.

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Tomorrow (Friday): Clouds are more numerous than today, but there should be plenty of sunshine as well. Showers or even thunderstorms are possible, especially midday into afternoon, although it seems the worst of that should be to our south and southeast. Highs aim for the mid-70s, and potentially a bit higher than that!

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Pollen update: Tree pollen has jumped to HIGH, at 143.45 grains/cubic meter. “A host of tree species contributed to our mid-March pollen count today,” wrote Susan Kosisky from the U.S. Army Centralized Allergen Extract Lab. She continued: “[p]rimary tree allergenic offenders included elm, cedar/cypress/juniper, maple, birch, pine and alder. Oak, willow, cottonwood and ash were also observed. Indeed spring is in the air.”

Grass and weed pollen, as well as mold spores, are all running low.

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