The Washington Monument through peak bloom on Wednesday morning. (Aimee Custis/Aimee Custis)

The sun is shining, and the temperature is mild — in short, perfect weather for visiting the cherry trees on the Mall, which just so happen to be in peak bloom as of Monday.

So said the National Park Service, noting that 70 percent of the cherry blossoms have opened completely. Now that they are out, they can hang on to their branches for up to a week — even as long as 10 days, if conditions are perfect.

After several years of rotten blossom weather, pleasant conditions are coinciding with peak bloom, which means the flowers could be around for an extended period this year. We might even be able to enjoy Washington’s famous trees this weekend.

This year’s April 1 peak bloom is very close to the average date of March 31 over the past 30 years. Last year, peak bloom occurred April 5. The April 1 peak bloom is within the window the Capital Weather Gang predicted in early March.

Cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin. (Jarrett Hendrix/Jarrett Hendrix)

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial peeks through the blossoms. (Rusty Shuffelton/Rusty Shuffelton)

A couple take a photo of the blossoms at the Tidal Basin. (George Jiang/George Jiang)

Moonrise at the Tidal Basin on Tuesday morning. (Julie Savage/Julie Savage)

Photographers set up their gear to capture the best shot of the cherry blossoms. (Joe Flood/Joe Flood)

Blossoms at the Smithsonian Gardens. (Angela p/Angela Pan)