Tidal Basin after dark. (YL168/Flickr)

Thicker clouds that overspread the area today helped keep temperatures from rising much after this morning. Highs near or a bit above 60 are actually a little below normal at this point. We won’t see much more sun tomorrow, but we should see warmer temperatures.

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Through Tonight: Low and mid-level clouds that moved in today may tend to move out this evening. If so, we’ve still got some high clouds to deal with, meaning partly cloudy is about as good as we can do overnight. Lows range from the upper 40s to mid-50s.

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Tomorrow (Friday): It’s dry for most of the day, but shower or thunderstorm odds are up by evening. Despite clouds dominating again, we’re deeper into a warm air flow. So, highs should head toward 70 or so in most spots. You may also notice a touch of humidity by late day. For the most part any rain risk is near and after sunset, which should generally temper any storm threat. South winds blow around 10 to 15 mph.

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Pollen update: Tree pollen is HIGH at 271.25 grains per cubic meter. Grass pollen and mold spores are low.

What happens in Vegas... It’s been dusty lately in and around the famed Vegas Strip.

This was enough for the local NWS office to remind folks that dust can cause something called “valley fever" if breathed in. There are about 10,000 cases of this a year in the country, it tends to come and go on its own, and it is treated by anti-fungal medication in more severe cases.

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