Sunrise at the Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial on Easter morning. John Ernst via Flickr. (John Ernst /John Ernst)

Stalled upper-level lows are notoriously fickle beasts. So it should be no surprise that we busted our forecast today. I was expecting a lot more cloud cover, but in fact, it’s been mostly sunny and quite nice for much of this Easter Sunday. C’est la vie. Better to bust on a forecast and have it turn out nicer than anticipated than vice versa, right?

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Through tonight: Clouds will continue to develop through the evening and overnight hours with a 40 percent chance of scattered showers developing around sunset. Scattered showers linger into the overnight period, with otherwise mostly cloudy skies and mild temperatures. Lows ranging from 49 to 54 degrees with a light northwest wind at 5 to 10 mph.

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Tomorrow (Monday): Clouds will begin to break up on Monday, with mostly sunny skies developing by the afternoon. Temperatures will warm up rather nicely under increased sunshine and light winds from the west/northwest, with highs reaching the mid-70s.

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Record Easter warmth in the U.K.: It’s been quite warm in Britain this weekend, enough to break temperature records for the Easter holiday. Records were set in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as temperatures soared into the mid-70s on Sunday.

On a personal level, I hope the warm weather continues because I will be moving to Scotland in less than a month!

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