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Boston blues: It rained a record 21 days in April

T.J. and Carolanne Parks of New Orleans wear rain gear at Fenway Park in Boston on Friday. (Michael Dwyer/AP)

If you live in Boston and are sick of those “April showers” everyone rhymes about, you’re not alone. Boston saw more rainy days in April than any month on record at Boston Logan International Airport.

The ground got wet on 21 different calendar days during that month — a record for the number of rainiest days not just in April but for any month of the year. Imagine having to carry your umbrella around for three weeks out of the month! That’s four more rainy days than Seattle had this April.

It rained every day during the week of April 18-24, including a record 2.3 inches on April 22. Another storm brought 1.4 inches the night of the April 26 into April 27 — part of the same weather system that lashed the Mid-Atlantic with tornadoes, and even slung tennis ball-size hail at parts of Massachusetts. Hail that large has never fallen in the Bay State earlier than June.

“It’s like game of thrones up here,” Twitter user Brian Tarbell joked. “We have 6 months good weather 6 months bad weather.”

Jim Powers of Boston agreed. “The rain and overall dreariness was a bit depressing.”

All told, 6.52 inches of rain fell — about 2.78 inches above normal. For many, it has felt like a raw, frigid and dreary month — but that’s not entirely true. Despite the rain, April came in 3.6 degrees above normal in Boston. The mercury even soared to 77 degrees on April 19.

How was it warm if the sun was seemingly always blocked by rain showers? Simple: The rain came in when the sun was down.

Eric Fisher — the chief meteorologist at WBZ-TV in Boston — tracked what times during the day each bout of rain swept in. His findings? Most of the systems unloaded their moisture overnight. Only about an inch of rain came through during the workday.

“We’ve been in a grumbly pattern for a while,” he wrote. “It’s not particularly pleasant.”

Boston joined several other cities in the Northeast, including Hartford, Newark, and New York, which registered a record number of rainy days in April.

Meanwhile, things aren’t in a hurry to change anytime soon. Boston has a chance of showers every day through Sunday — even though the calendar flipped. The old rhyme may need to be rewritten. After all, it seems April showers bring May showers, too.