Sunset in Galesville, Md. (Rex Block/Flickr)

Temperatures were held in check today by a lot of cloud cover. That didn’t keep it from turning rather humid over time. Cloudy is our main state into tomorrow, but some rain occasionally passes, as well. We do have a bit of a clearer break this evening.

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Through tonight: Some sunshine persists through sunset, but clouds thicken again overnight. A couple more showers are possible. Most spots should stay dry. Temperatures settle mainly to the low and mid-60s for lows.

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Tomorrow (Friday): A round of showers or some rumbles may pass through during the morning. If we destabilize enough, there is a risk of some afternoon storms. This doesn’t seem like a notable event, but there is a marginal risk of severe weather from the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center for parts of the D.C. area. Afternoon readings head for the 80s, although abundant cloud cover could mean mainly mid- to upper 70s. Winds are from the south and southwest, about 10 to 15 mph.

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Pollen update: Tree pollen is in the HIGH range at 125.56 grains per cubic meter. Grass pollen is moderate/high. Mold spores are low/moderate, and weed pollen is low.

Weekend weather: It seems we’re about to add another rainy weekend to our growing pile in 2019. As of now, it looks as if both days could be rather damp, with Sunday perhaps most likely to see something like a washout, although the most widespread activity may hold off until late. A front hung up in the region is likely to see at least several waves of low pressure ride along it.

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