A dog cools off in the Patuxent River on a summer day. (John Goucher/Flickr)

A high around 80 degrees, with full sunshine and minimal to no humidity, is a real treat this deep into the year. While we’ll see humidity levels creep upward somewhat into Wednesday, the next 24 hours should be remembered about as fondly as the gorgeous 24 we just finished.

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Through tonight: With little in the way of moisture around, temperatures will drop quickly as the sun sets. Skies will remain largely clear, though some high clouds may blow by at times, especially toward morning. Temperatures will sink to a range from near 60 to the mid-60s. Winds will be light and variable after sunset.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): There will be more clouds around than Tuesday, and skies may turn mostly cloudy by later in the afternoon, but the daylight period should stay dry. It will be warmer and a touch more humid. Highs will head to about 80 in the cool spots and the mid-80s in the warm.

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Pollen update: Mold spores are moderate/high. Tree and grass pollen is low/moderate. Weed pollen is low.

Spoutbreak: It’s waterspout season. A number were spotted in and around the Florida Keys on Monday.

There was some risk in the area again today.

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