We snagged a rather nice day today as clouds didn’t begin to thicken up until late. With an east wind slowly turning southerly, highs managed the mid-70s to around 80. The clouds filling our skies this evening should give way to a quick-hitting but potent storm tonight.

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Through tonight: Clouds will increase through the evening. We should stay dry into and through sunset. A slight chance of showers from sunset on will turn to steady rain with time. Rainfall will be heaviest from about midnight to sunrise, with some isolated flash flooding possible. Lows will range from the upper 50s to mid-60s.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): The most consistent rain will wind down in the morning, but showers could linger into the morning commute, and more will be possible through the day. Showers may turn semi-widespread again in the afternoon, and there could be some thunder, as well, as a cool pocket of air at high altitudes passes by. With lots of clouds and rain around, high temperatures will be muted, mainly reaching the mid- and upper 70s.

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Rain! A potent setup aloft will feed a quick-moving low pressure zooming by the region tonight. Although it was a pleasant day, we could see localized flash flooding by sunrise tomorrow. Rain will move northward in the hours after sunset, and showers will peak locally in the near midnight to near sunrise zone. Some spots could see an inch to an inch and a half in just six to eight hours. Below is the forecast as of midafternoon from the National Weather Service.

Rain forecast from the National Weather Service tonight into early Thursday.

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