The Smithsonian Castle lit up on the Summer Solstice. (angela n./Flickr)

Temperatures ran toward 90 for the first of several tries in the days ahead. A wind from the north and northwest has helped lower humidity levels somewhat, but they’ll be turning more to the south with time. In other words, today’s about as good as it gets in this stretch of heat.

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Through Tonight: Puffy low-level clouds of the day dissipate, but we continue to see some high clouds float by overnight. Lows range from about 62 to 71 coolest, suburbs north and west and the city at either end. Winds are from the northwest around 5 to 10 mph, becoming light after midnight.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): Lots of sun, moderate humidity, and feeling like summer. Highs are within a few degrees of 90. Winds are out of the south-southwest around 10 mph.

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West Virginia or tornado alley? Several rotating thunderstorms called supercells roamed across West Virginia Monday. Numbers are still being tallied, although severe storms were observed in many locations. Large hail, damaging wind, and even a tornado or two. Video below is out of Charleston.

You can see some of the cells tracked great distances across the state.

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