A fine evening for baseball practice Tuesday in Arlington. (Erinn Shirley/Flickr)

Sunshine dominated the day, which helped push the city to day 45 of 90 degrees or higher this summer. We keep running away from average and into the high end of years for that tally. And while it doesn’t look as if we’ll get there tomorrow, there’s more opportunity for such numbers in the near future.

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Through tonight: A couple of showers and perhaps an isolated storm dot the landscape through the evening. This is more miss than hit. Humidity isn’t in a hurry to go anywhere, and it remains high. Temperatures settle into a range of near-70 to the mid-70s for lows. Some patchy fog may develop late night into early morning, given the abundant moisture near the ground.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): It’s another day of a lot of clouds and a lot of low-level moisture milling around. Some showers and storms may develop during the heating of the day, but most spots should stay dry, with the best odds of showers and storms to the southwest of the area. Highs are in the mid- and upper 80s. Dew points above 70s help it feel more like the low 90s.

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Pollen update: Mold spores are low/moderate. Grass and weed pollen is low.

Another heat wave looms? By the weekend into next week, high pressure will be building over much of the country. It seems another heat wave — the seventh of the season here — may be our story once we get into the weekend and beyond. This morning’s European weather model run had every day in the 90s starting Saturday, persisting through at least the Friday after.

The forecast for the weekend shows high pressure building over the Lower 48.

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