The storm was followed by a vivid rainbow. (Kevin Ambrose)

Wednesday’s thunderstorm put on quite a show for those of us watching from the west. The storm displayed ominous clouds, vivid lightning, a vibrant rainbow and, in its wake, a large display of mammatus clouds at sunset.

I photographed the storm from the Netherlands Carillon, adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery, and was hit by only a few stray raindrops. The storm never threatened my location.

During the photoshoot, the sky behind the storm remained clear which allowed for late-day sunshine to illuminate the storm clouds, The District’s monuments and also helped to produce a rainbow.

Later, when the storm moved over the Chesapeake Bay, trailing mammatus clouds glowed with a gold hue during the fading light of sunset. It was a beautiful storm to photograph.

A severe thunderstorm moves east of the District on Wednesday. This is a view of the storm from the Netherlands Carillon. (Kevin Ambrose)

A wide view of the severe thunderstorm, photographed from the Netherlands Carillon. (Kevin Ambrose)

The storm departs with a lightning flash. (Kevin Ambrose)

As the storm moved east of Washington at sunset, mammatus clouds had a golden glow with the fading light. (Kevin Ambrose)

A stormy scene at dusk photographed at the Marines Corps War Memorial on Wednesday. (Kevin Ambrose)

This time-lapse video compresses more than two hours into 34 seconds showing a severe thunderstorm moving east of Washington. (Kevin Ambrose)

As the sky scene evolved and transformed, we received a torrent of gorgeous photos and videos from Capital Weather Gang readers and contributors on social media. Find a selection below.

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Reader and contributor photos and video


Sunset over storms and mammatus clouds