Pro football is back! The weather won’t be nearly as nice tomorrow, so I hope the return of football didn’t prevent most of you from getting outside today to enjoy the lovely weather. Perhaps some fresh air was necessary after watching that pitiful second-half performance by the Redskins. And just in case you weren’t in a bad mood yet over this afternoon’s result, let me take this opportunity to remind you that my Patriots raise their sixth championship banner tonight.

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Through tonight: Clouds will be on the increase in the evening and overnight hours. There is a possibility of a spot shower or two late tonight. Otherwise, it’s mostly cloudy and mild, with low temperatures in the low to mid-60s with a light northeast wind.

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Tomorrow (Monday): Mostly cloudy, with more widespread shower activity. Around the D.C. metro area, rain showers will be scattered from the late morning into the afternoon, with more consistent precipitation toward central Virginia and eastern Maryland, where an isolated thunderstorm may develop. Cooler, with highs in the mid- to upper 70s. Scattered showers continue Monday night with lows in the low to mid-60s.

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A perfect coincidence: As Hurricane Dorian churned up the waters south of Newfoundland on Saturday, an offshore buoy recorded an incredible maximum wave height of 100.7 feet. Perhaps even more incredible, though, is that the same buoy recorded the same maximum wave height during the “Perfect Storm” in 1991.

The storm and the story of the doomed Andrea Gail fishing vessel were made famous by Sebastian Junger’s excellent book and the mediocre George Clooney movie.

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