August or September? A typical question these days around here. Today it was August, tomorrow it’ll be more September. And fortunately we will see nicer weather stick around for a bit this time. Unfortunately, we’ve unlikely seen the last of the heat.

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Through Tonight: A cold front near the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania sinks through the region this evening into tonight. There could be a shower or two but the air mass is relatively dry, so don’t plan on much. Winds turn to come from the north and northeast after dark which delivers some cooler air with time. Lows settle across the 60s.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): We may have some clouds that develop toward dawn, thanks to the wind off the ocean. For now they don’t seem they’ll be too thick, so we should see a fairly sunny day. These air masses are notoriously hard to predict, though, so if clouds are thick early, it may be a struggle to break free. Highs head toward 80, but stay a bit cooler if it ends up really cloudy. Winds are out of the northeast around 10 mph.

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This broken record is broken: With yet another day of 90 degrees or higher under our belts, 2019 now stands alone for the 9th most such days on record at 57. Next up is 2016, with 58. While we do have a cool down that’s imminent, signs continue to point toward more 90s ahead next week. If we can crack 60 days, it becomes the third most on record. After that the target is 67 for the most on record. Fortunately, that still seems a stretch, for now.

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