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PM Update: Comfortable this evening and mainly dry Saturday as rain focuses on Sunday morning

World Series games should be dry. Runners at the Marine Corps Marathon may not be so lucky.

Nationals Park on Oct. 16. (Kevin Wolf/Flickr)

Clouds were more extensive than expected today, although many spots did still see periodic sunshine. The clouds didn’t hold temperatures back much, with highs well into the 60s and around 70 in the afternoon. All is looking well for evening festivities!

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Through tonight: Occasionally broken skies will continue this evening, although we’ll end up with more clouds than not on average through the night. It’s not impossible a quick sprinkle will pass, but it won’t amount to anything. Temperatures in the mid- and upper 60s around 5 p.m. will fall to the low 60s as Game 3 of the World Series gets underway, then will drop toward 60 by the end. Lows will be mainly in the upper 40s to mid-50s. Winds will be light and variable.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): A warm front is lifting through the region, which should tend to keep us rather cloudy. There’s a somewhat increased chance of showers in the midday to afternoon or early evening, although it shouldn’t amount to much where it happens. And it might not happen at all. Highs will aim for the mid-to-upper 60s in most spots. For now, Game 4 seems set to be played on schedule and without weather concerns. Winds will be light, turning from the northeast to southeast with time.

Sunday: Unfortunately for those of you heading to the Marine Corps Marathon, it will be a wet start to the day. Rainfall may be mainly light but could be occasionally moderate or briefly heavy into the early afternoon. It will all wind down pretty quickly after that. It will be kind of a muggy rain for late October, with dew points nearing 60 and temperatures trying to top 70. Current indications are that it should be dry by the time any Game 5 of the World Series happens.

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