Hope you had a chance to soak up the nice weather today. Highs in the low and mid-60s are probably as warm as we will see for a long while. Another cold front is on the way, and it will knock temperatures back for tomorrow. You will want another layer, but it is not too big a deal. More legitimately cold weather is around the corner.

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Through tonight: A cold front passing the region this evening delivers another shot of cooler air, and temperatures ultimately fall below last night’s values. Clouds are most numerous this evening and into the early night, then trending clearer heading toward dawn. Winds around 10 mph from the northwest keep temperatures from reaching their potential, with lows largely falling to an upper-30s-to-mid-40s range.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): We wake up to rather sunny skies, but some clouds are likely to float by during the day. While it is not too windy, you will notice gusts, with the air cooler than in recent days. Highs mainly make the mid- and upper 50s as winds blow from the northwest around 10 mph.

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Never-ending summer: Folks in Florida have had enough, yet the heat keeps coming. Miami started the month with a daily record that also tied the monthly record for November, when it reached 91 degrees. Since then, there’s been no break — the first five days are way ahead of the record high for the start of November.

This is on the heels of a record-breaking October, with an average a full degree above the prior record.

By all indications, any relief from the above-normal temperatures is likely to be short-lived. The outlook into the future keeps South Florida in the warmth, despite expected cold invasions on the East Coast over the next few weeks.

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